80s Fashion Style that Women should Try in the Upcoming Fall Season

Classic fashion style never becomes old and out of time. This fall season you can stun everyone by wearing dresses that were popular during 1980s. This would be a great tribute to the period in which people loved to watch TV shows like Blankety Blank, Antiques Roadshow, Blackadder, Allo Allo, Yes Minister, Button Moon, along with other TV serials. 80’s fashion also relates with Hollywood movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Back to the Future, The Blue Lagoon, The Empire Strikes Back, The Terminator and other popular movies. By donning 80s classic women wear, you will be able to pull at lot of attraction in parties and celebrations. Here are some 80s costumes that any girl or woman would like to try in the coming fall season.

Metallic Fabrics: In the decade of 1980, metallic fabric costumes in colours of gold, bronze, copper, and silver were very popular. You can wear the costumes with golden color heels, silver belt and clutches.

Shoulder Pads: Bring shoulder pads again into the trend in the upcoming fall season. During 80s, popular TV characters were seen wearing such costumes, which initiated this fashion trend. You can wear shoulder pads with blazers and other costumes. With shoulder pads, you get a very attractive look. You can see pictures of Rihanna, a popular celebrity trying this classic style.

Frilled Collars: Women garments with friller collars are back in trend. You can get an attractive feminine look by following this fashion style. Frilled collars look great on black and white dress combinations.

Sequins: To present yourself in a glamorous fashion style, you can try sequins, the style which was highly popular during 1980s. You can embellish trench coat and blazer by adding sequins to them. You can also embed sequins on other accessories such as handbags, purses, belts, and clutches.

Where to find these classic women wear?

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